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Beauty School: What You Need to Know About Bikini Hair Removal

Bikini hair removal is the most summer procedure. How and where to carry out the procedure?
We are sure that you, dear readers, will probably agree that bikini hair removal is the most summer procedure. All, of course, because we often walk half-naked – in swimsuits on the beach, on the pool. And since extra hairs are not in fashion today, but quite the opposite, then the beauties get rid of everything superfluous, including “there”, in the intimate area.

Why do we need bikini hair removal, why remove extra hair in the intimate area:

Fashion. Today, smooth velvety bodies without hairs are in fashion. Moreover, in no magazine you will not see models with hair in the intimate area
Hygiene. Hair is always sweat and constant humidity. Of course, in these ideal conditions (add the high temperature here), microbes multiply much faster.

Today, there are two ways to do bikini hair removal:

  1. Alone at home

For an independent procedure, an ordinary razor, cream, electric epilator or wax is suitable. Each of them has its pros and cons. Let’s talk in more detail.

wax hair removal

The shaving machine removes hairs in a couple of minutes, leaving behind a smooth, delicate skin without hairs. But all the hair appears on the second day, forming a stubble. In addition, the area begins to itch, red pimples and even pustules often appear.

Special creams for hair removal will quickly eliminate unwanted hair, but also only the visible part of the hair. And also, as in the case of the machine, these hairs will appear again soon.

An electric epilator tears out hairs with a root, which allows you to forget about vegetation for up to 3-4 weeks. Subsequent times, the hairs become much thinner and lighter, and they grow much less often. But the procedure is so painful that many do not complete it.

Bikini waxing is a fairly popular method. It allows you to forget about the hair for a long time, due to the fact that the hair breaks out with the root. However, for independent successful conduct, experience and dexterity are necessary, because it is completely inconvenient to pull hairs from the intimate zone. The pain from this method also makes the cute girl complete the procedure, barely starting.

  1. In a specialized hair removal salon

Only specialists will quickly save you from unnecessary hairs, while doing so with minimal pain and of course, give a lot of advice on how to care for your skin after the procedure.

salon hair removal

For the procedure, classic wax, chocolate, caramel, or sugar paste (shugaring) is used. It is the specialist who will accurately determine which wax will help you less painfully and more effectively get rid of unwanted hair in the intimate area.

Anesthesia for hair removal – what to do so that hair removal is not sick?
From childhood on, each of us has an expression on our lips that beauty requires sacrifice. But today it is not at all necessary to endure torment and pain, because the market for cosmetic services is developing by leaps and bounds. Yes, today you can get rid of pain during epilation.

Painless bikini hair removal is possible with FreshDepil cream

FreshDepil cream

If waxing is not for you because you are afraid of pain, there is another way. An alternative to wax and shugaring is FreshDepil cream.

It eliminates hair above the surface of the skin and slows its growth. After regular use of Fresh Depil cream, you will notice that the hair becomes smaller and easier to remove.

You can order the cream on the website of the official distributor. Read the FreshDepil reviews on the Philippines Reviews site.

So, how to get rid or reduce pain during epilation:

For the procedure, choose an experienced specialist who works clearly, efficiently and smoothly. The speed and painlessness of the procedure depends on the specialist. Hair should be pulled out in the direction of their growth (or against, depending on the chosen wax for hair removal), with a sharp movement of the hand. If you pull them to the right, then to the left, or if the wax does not adhere well to the skin, then the discomfort will last long enough. Modern salons offer only experienced professionals for such an important procedure as getting rid of excess hair;

Between treatments, you can increase skin elasticity. To do this, regularly use scrubs or a hard washcloth. In addition, a scrub immediately before the procedure will help get rid of the upper keratinized (dead) layer of cells, and therefore the hairs will be much easier to come out;

If you ordered our hair removal specialist at home and are waiting for him, then immediately before his arrival it is appropriate to take a warm bath. In warmth, the pores expand and the hairs exit faster, causing minimal discomfort;

According to doctors, you can choose the “right” day, depending on the menstrual cycle. So, the procedure performed in the first week after menstruation is less painful for most women. While a few days before the start, women experience severe pain;

Those who are passionate about yoga say that if you pull out the hairs along with the exhalation, then the pains are much easier to carry;

Lidocaine. A popular pain medication today is presented in all kinds of forms. It is most convenient to use spray and ampoules for hair removal. The spray is applied to the skin, the ampoule is rubbed. All this is recommended to be done after the bath, leaving the skin for a while, so that lidocaine begins to act;

Special cream “Emla”. This tool is the best suited for use on such sensitive areas as the stomach, face, armpits, intimate area. The cream includes lidocaine and prilocaine. The cream is rubbed into the skin 1.5-2 hours before the start of the procedure, then the skin turns around and the food wrap. The cream is sold in any pharmacy without a prescription;

Painkillers tablets. Analgin, ibuprofen and many other popular pills will help dull the pain if you drink them a few minutes before the procedure.

Why does irritation appear after bikini hair removal?

Perhaps it is the intimate area that is most often prone to irritation after the hair removal procedure. What is the reason?

There are several main causes of irritation after bikini hair removal:

 Wrong, or rather, not suitable for your skin, hair removal method. Today, there are many ways to get rid of hair with wax, when not only the hair is removed, but also the hair bulb is deformed. Of course, it is not enough to focus solely on one’s own feelings or financial capabilities. Trust in a specialist who will quickly understand what type of skin you have, its features, and the most suitable way to remove hairs.

Individual intolerance or susceptibility of the skin to the constituent components of wax. If the irritation is regular and severe, then it makes sense to be tested for allergens.

Using a shaving machine. If you regularly visit a specialist in hair removal and use a razor between treatments, this is also one of the possible causes of irritation. Experts recommend abandoning the razor and wait until the next procedure, growing hairs.

Neglecting the advice of hair removal specialists. Always masters recommend special means after epilation, which will help prevent the appearance of irritation. The use of scrub, tincture of calendula, creams and lotions and much, much more. All this will help your skin survive the unpleasant procedure.

Ingrown hairs. Often red dots may appear on the skin, which are some of the signs of ingrown hairs. Over time, pus appears at such red dots. And if you do not make out a hair in time and try to get rid of irritation, hairs will grow more and more, therefore, more pus will appear. The best prevention of ingrown hair is regular body scrub and use of a hard washcloth.
Unsanitary conditions or lack of hygiene. It can be unsanitary in a sauna, pool or in another public place where you went immediately after hair removal.

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